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Sustainability: Genuine Commitment and Explicit Net Zero Targets [Russell Reynolds Associates]

As pressure mounts from stakeholders, sustainability has never been a bigger focus for boards.

Investors, lawmakers, regulators, employees, and customers are all focused on sustainability, and often wondering if the board is doing enough to set up the company for long-term success in an increasingly sustainability-minded environment. Around the world – from regulators in Europe to the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US – governments are actively considering new standards for consistent disclosure on sustainability related topics. Our research shows that 73% of boards are discussing sustainability strategy at least once per year, and 65% of directors say their board is making a genuine commitment to sustainability.

Read the full paper, published by Russell Reynolds Associates, and co-authored with Rusty O’Kelley, Rich Fields, Laura Sanderson, Kurt Harrison, Sarah Galloway, Molly Smith, Elena Loridas.