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Artificial Intelligence: A Primer for Corporate Directors [Russell Reynolds Associates]

The term “artificial intelligence” has become part of common parlance – used casually in business publications and corner offices – but it often lacks definition. What does it really mean? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not synonymous with a takeover by an army of robots, nor does it equate to an endless dialogue with Siri or Alexa. Increasingly, though, it’s something every business has to consider embracing, and that corporate directors need to be able to discuss with their executive leadership teams.

To help you prepare for that next conversation, we’ve assembled key terms and concepts behind artificial intelligence (AI) that every board member needs to know, examples of how it is being used in the market, and questions to help you probe into how your company is putting, or might put, this technology to work.

I had the pleasure of assisting David Finke with this piece, which was published by Russell Reynolds Associates.