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Career Crossroads: The Talent Migration from Finance to Tech [Russell Reynolds Associates and the Toigo Foundation]

By all accounts, the career paths of today’s professionals are dramatically different from the generations prior.

Shorter tenures, an expectation of freedom and flexibility in work arrangements, a desire for tighter alignment between personal values and an employer’s mission are clear and defining differences of today’s workforce. But there’s more to the story around employment and career than a punch list of differences.

We’ve witnessed throughout our broader network and in the finance industry at large, a steady undercurrent of senior level talent shifting their career paths from finance organizations to a mix of sectors, including technology. We’ve also sensed a sustained shift in mindset, one in which employees are seeking a place of employment that reflects their values or where they feel a direct impact from the contributions they make. What they are seeking is greater alignment. While this expectation was first attributed to the Millennial generation, more senior professionals are also looking for tighter alignment of work and life—an ethos that extends beyond the traditional “life/work balance” elements. Therein lies the lure of technology companies, a growing number of high visibility, mission-focused organizations both established and emerging that present an enticing work environment and desired “cool factor.

I had the pleasure of assisting with this piece, which was published jointly by Russell Reynolds Associates and the Toigo Foundation.