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Inside the Mind of the Asian CEO [HQAsia]

Why do some people become CEOs and others don’t? Why do some Chief Executive Officers thrive while others fail? What separates an outstanding leader from an average one?

For several years, our teams at Russell Reynolds Associates and Hogan Assessments have sought to understand the differences between average and best-in-class leaders at all levels in organizations, up to and including the Chief Executive Officer. In 2016, Russell Reynolds Associates published a report of these findings, Inside the Mind of the Chief Executive Officer. This study leveraged the firm’s database of over 7000 psychometric profiles of executives, including more than 900 CEOs, to understand the psychology of these senior leaders, to see how CEOs compare to their fellow members of the C-suite, and to try and understand what separates good CEOs from great CEOs.

Read on for those findings as well as a deeper dive into the Asian CEO profile in Russell Reynolds Associates’ and Hogan Assessments’ database to explore what sets them apart as leaders.

Read the full article, co-authored with Ric Roi, Derek Lusk, and Michael Sanger, in HQAsia.